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More than ever, you need to secure your network to keep your business assets safe from threats. You depend on your network to keep you connected to the people you do business with every day, from customers to suppliers and business partners. Yet when you have a small networking staff, it can be difficult to manage your network and make sure it is well protected from security breaches. To be successful, you need a complete network solution that delivers the security and rich features you need, yet is affordable and easy to use.

The Cisco® family of Secure Router combines Internet access, advanced security, virtual private network (VPN) access, and optional wireless networking, all in a single easy-to-use device. Designed for seamless integration with the Cisco Smart Business Communications System—a complete set of advanced voice, data, security, and wireless networking products designed specifically for small businesses—Cisco Secure Router brings together multiple technologies to help you improve network security and simplify network management.


In a world that never slows down, your business needs to keep moving. That means keeping employees connected at all times -- to each other and to the business applications they need to do their jobs. Imagine a network that provides a single, high-performance platform for all of your business applications. Where your employees don’t have to worry about reduced productivity because the network is down or because a vital application is unavailable or running too slowly. Imagine being able to manage your entire network platform from a single interface, and being able to easily add new data, voice, video, and wireless applications as your business evolves.

Cisco offers a network switch for small businesses that can make this vision a reality. These high-performance switches deliver the reliability you need to keep your employees connected and productive, preserving the availability of your essential applications and services to keep your business moving.

Security Appliances

Small businesses need security for PCs and servers that are easy to deploy and use. Cisco® is a software agent for Microsoft Windows systems that adds a layer of protection against spyware, viruses, and other malware. This integrated solution automatically protects data confidentiality and resource availability, identifies vulnerabilities, assesses damage, and cleans up—all without intervention. Built-in security policy enforcement also prevents user machines from accessing the Internet if their security policies are not up to date and a single web-based console provides the administrator with overall system security status at a glance.

Access Points

The success of your business depends on the ability of your employees to stay connected to applications and customers, and to work productively throughout your business location. More and more small companies rely on wireless networks to give their employees greater mobility and flexibility, and to support partners and guests at the business site. But configuring, securing, and managing wireless networks can be daunting, especially for small businesses without an IT department. As your business grows and you need to expand wireless coverage or add new features, these challenges only increase. How can small companies cost-effectively address these demands and realize the full benefits of business-class wireless mobility? We provides the solution with the Cisco® family of Wireless Access Points.